hranywhere pay

Every organisation should have a reliable payroll system which is accurate, cost effective and robust. But ‘Pay’ is not just about the ‘system’.

At hranywhere our ‘Pay’ services and support are also about assisting you to attract and retain great talent by ensuring your remuneration, reward and recognition systems and practices are competitive and transparent.

We can assist with:

  • Assessing and ensuring payroll systems are effective and efficient.
  • Ensuring employee’s terms and conditions are compliant with relevant legislation.
  • Providing policies, procedures and tools to manage your payroll and remunerations functions effectively.
  • Developing frameworks for bonus and incentive programs to promote high performance.
  • Establishing contemporary remuneration and benefits programs.
  • Establishing appropriate reward and recognition programs.
  • Managing the outsourcing of payroll and/or time and attendance.

Additionally for organisations who are suffering with the frustrations of ineffective payroll process or systems, hranywhere offer a ‘Pay Check’ service. This is a sophisticated, tested and appraised diagnostic tool and process that we use to assess the health of your payroll processes and systems. To find out more click here.

To discuss in more detail how we can help your business contact us.